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What is GIMP?

Never heard of the GIMP before? First of all check out the official GIMP home page. GIMP is an Open Source image manipulation program that lets you do some really wild stuff, and it's similar to (but better than :) Adobe Photoshop. It's designed for UN*X and X-Window but there is also a M$-Windows version.

Where can I get GIMP?

GIMP is available for almost all UN*X flavours and Linux too! You can download sources directly from the official site.
Windows binaries are available too, some links are listed in GIMP official site.

My little contribute to the GIMP project

GIMP Dynamic Text
GIMP Text Colorer
External tools, converters and more ...
Tutorials, images ...
At the SLM you can find some GIMP tips, tutorials and artworks I've made.

Some links

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